Homemade Sex Toys You Can Create For Pleasure

You just saw a tuba with a tool handle in it and you wonder what it is? We never stop telling us: it’s the crisis! All means are good to save money and slum at a lower cost. Rather than going to sneak a thousand and a hundred in specialty stores, spied a few workshops “do it yourself” very fashionable in the underground “sex”


After investigation, experts suggest a few tips to equip you with various accessories for cheap in stores where you can bring your little children during races on Saturday afternoon. Because, know it, the biggest sex toys stores like Lovegasm, it’s the DIY stores and homemade sex toys are easy to use and also easy to hide.

Are you going to venture into the lands of bondage? For lovers of links: the ropes cost 20 or 30 dollars the rope of 5 meters at a specialist dealer, what to think. While in your favorite DIY store, you will easily find twice as much for half of the price.

DIY Strings

Be careful though: do not take elastic cords (it squeezes too much), and touch them to take the softest or rougher according to your tastes.

After focusing on the problem of the ropes, let us now make some spacers. For this, we will need: a metal tube (2 meters, 22 mm in diameter), a cleat (wooden bar of square section) fir (2 meters, 14 mm side), rubber stoppers, metal hooks to screw, and rivets.

DIY plugs

The process is very simple: cut tube and batten in sections of length that suits you (for example 2 x 60 cm and 1 x 80 cm.) The size really depends on your preference and role though. Like for example, you can make a bigger master butt plugs. Put the cleat in the tube, drill and rivet the cleat to the tube to avoid the translations. To put the plugs and to screw a hook (through the cap) at each end, so we get it for about fifty dollars (and again) for 2 meters of beautiful spreader bars. You can make your own design too! Just like the common games-themed butt plugs. After making one, you’ll be improving relationships through butt plugs.

You can improve your work too if you incorporate a vibrating device in it. It will be an instant vibrator for you. You can use this vibrator as post-ejaculation alternative for yourself.

DIY Padlock

For padlocks, we will rely on a pack of 4 Master (the name is not invented) … It remains to get the bracelets and pegs adequate to padlock these beautiful spacers bars home, and on the road to adventure.

The sport department, your friend for life

It’s known, the sport is good for your buttocks. For that, two solutions are there. Beach toys, first, can offer hours of fun, far from the price of a professional paddle. For a few dollars, offer spankings that will make your backside glow, with a ping-pong first price racket, or a racket “Spiderman” that your children will envy you.

DIY Spiderman

At worst, wait for the summer and offer “sausage + cutting board” that will have the merit of feasting doubly.

DIY sausage

As for the whip, no need to make a drawing: a sports shop, a riding department and for 5 dollars, you end up with professional equipment. Guaranteed effect. According to a witness, some shops are not fooled and if you come with your child who assures that he has never known you a passion for riding, you may come out with the white back but the cheeks red.

DIY Cravache

We will not forget the female condom that can do “cockring” or in a general way, which allows to add sensations.

Here are some beautiful hours of fun at a reduced rate. You see, when there is a good plan, I always share! A majority of toy catalogs and store shelves remain formal: girls and boys have different aspirations. For girls, everything comes in pink (and purple): fairy and princess dresses, dolls, dinette, and household utensils. For boys the colors are more energetic, blue, but also green, red, black: warriors, cars, spaceship.

Some stores have nevertheless begun to evolve and in some countries campaigns have borne fruit.

Sexist segregation worsening

This segregation has been analyzed and denounced since the 1970s by researchers, parents and educators. It persists, despite international, European or national commitments to combat gender stereotypes that place girls and boys in socially constructed roles. The phenomenon has even tended to increase since the 90s, which shows that it is far from being “natural” since it fluctuates according to the times. Not only clothes and toys are concerned, but also more and more objects such as bicycles, toothbrushes, shower gels, baby blankets, books, and of course cinema products. A New York Times article from October 30, 2015mentions research by a University of California sociologist showing that in 1975, only 2% of toys in the Sear catalog were gendered, while in 2002 all Disney toys were. After the feminist period of the 1970s, which led to relatively “neutral” clothing, there is a turning back in the assignment to highly differentiated gendered identities.

The big problem is that these stereotypical roles are rarely to the advantage of girls, invited to take care of the house, to nurse, to dream to Prince Charming and to prepare to please him by looking after their appearance. Boys are encouraged to project themselves into the outside world, action, adventure, competition.

Exceed the social conditioning

Many people say, “But it is my children themselves who claim this or that toy,” as if these tastes were of the nature of the innate. This is without counting a social conditioning that intervenes from birth. Experiments have shown that adults who are subjected to a representation of the same infant who cries, dressed as a girl or boy, tend to say for the supposed infant girl “she cries because she is afraid” and for that supposed boy “he cries because he is angry” … Adults, parents, educators, therefore have different expectations, attitudes and projections about girls and boys who participate in social conditioning.

TV shows, advertising, magazines, magazines for parents and number of pseudo-psychological books: all our environment is organized to reinforce gender divisions, opposing pseudo “feminine” values, for example passivity – management of interior to values ??that would be inherently “masculine” like aggression – conquest of the world. This so-called natural cleavage is belied by recent studies that testify to the plasticity of the human brain, and the fact that there is more variability between any two humans than between men and women in general.

Proposed from an early age, sexist toys can induce conditioning, which may not be without repercussion on the subsequent choice of school guidance and trades. Toys assign girls the professions of secretary, nurse, cashier, beautician … to boys: researcher, computer scientist, pilot … But the field of work remains characterized by gender divisions and inequalities: higher unemployment rate of women, gap remuneration of 27% (all working hours combined), more difficult access to decision-making positions, concentration in a restricted range of occupations reflecting the traditional assignment to the domestic role, taking charge of family life, which mainly affects women, etc.

According to research published in December 2016 by the UK-based Institution of Engineering and Technology, “stereotypical Christmas gift lists” could help divert girls from the engineering and technology professions. Boys would be three times more likely to receive a toy related to “science, technology, engineering and math” at Christmas.

In addition to toys, note that fun web sites to inform children about the trades are co-founders of cheesy. For example, on a blog of “educational resources for parents and educators”, iconography and gender are systematically male for: policeman, photographer, astronaut, cook, fireman, doctor and women for waitress, hairdresser, singer, nurse, and choice well more restricted for girls.