How To Make Homemade Yoni Eggs

Why is it necessary to train intimate muscles? Trained intimate muscles will allow a woman to learn to control the vaginal muscles, increase their strength and elasticity, make a variety of intimate life, deliver maximum pleasure to herself and her partner, learn how to manage her own orgasm, physiologically prepare for painless births and speed up postnatal recovery and the ability to control vaginal muscles leads to reduces the vagina and has a very beneficial effect on its ability to return to its original size after birth due to its Ty elasticity and ability to contract rapidly. Exercises can cure many women’s diseases: menstrual disorders, uterus prolapse, postpone menopause, or make its course painless and easy.

Imbedding or Vumbilding

This is what the intimate muscle training classes are now called. They conducted specialized classes and trainings. And they are aimed not only at improving the health and overall tone of the female body, but also at increasing sexuality and the quality of sexual relations. Such classes are recommended under the guidance of an experienced instructor. However, not every woman will be able to attend such classes. After all, such things this is a purely personal matter, and I would not like to devote someone else to these intimate secrets.

Is it possible to do homework at home?

Yes you can. And need to. These exercises are pretty simple. You can always practice yourself at home, when it is convenient and comfortable for you.

In ancient times, priestesses and concubines used Yonieggs to train intimate muscles. Any natural stone has energy. Stones carry the energy of the earth, fill with power, restore and heal. Yoni is a stone of eternity, a stone of wise men. Eternity is regarded as eternal youth, longevity and fragrance. Yoni cleans the mind and body. He is always on guard for your well-being. Yoni is a stone that brings success to its owner. Nephrite is a unique in the medical sense stone and it is not for nothing that they call it the favorite stone of the Chinese emperors. With his help, court healers not only supported the health of their overlords, but also prolonged their life, including sexual life. From ancient times in China, crushed Yoni was added to the “elixir of immortality” – a drink to preserve youth and health.

Yoni is a stone of feminine strength, and in the sacral East, Yoni eggs have been used for training intimate muscles since ancient times. It is useful for the genitourinary system, and due to its good heat conduction it is able to warm up like a physiotherapy procedure. Having a strong energy protects the owner from negative influences. Nephritis gynecological stone, increases libido, helps with childbirth. Nephritis can cure toothache, kidneys, urogenital system, leading ducts, destroys the stones of organs and ducts from them, relieves renal colic, normalizes cardiovascular activity, removes gases and eliminates bloating. Nephrite copes with nervous diseases, soothes violent, removes from depression. It also treats the circulatory system and bone marrow, actively resolves problems with the spleen. Nephritis, in general, improves the human immune system, slows the aging process. Yoni symbolizes cosmic energy, perfection, power and immortality. It also protects from the evil eye. That is why trainers recommend using Yoni eggs for training intimate muscles.

Preparation for training

Before you start training, you need to make energy-information cleaning of stones from the information and energy that they absorbed in the process of making and traveling to you. To do this, Yoni eggs should be left in saline (one tablespoon per glass of water) for a day, then rinsed for 20 minutes under running water, after which they can be boiled for a couple of minutes for disinfection and treated with Chlorhexidine, Miramistin or any other antiseptic drug.

After that, you can begin to exercise. Stones tend to gain energy. Therefore, during classes it is important to concentrate on positive thoughts, on how well the exercises are obtained. If someone wants to hold your Yoni trainer in their hands, it is important to remember that this person, whether he wants it or not, transfers his energy to the stones. Therefore, it is better not to give anyone in the hands of intimate stones. If suddenly someone picked up your Yoni eggs, then you need to clean them again with the help of saline and running water. Before training, you need to hold the stone in your hands to heat it. After that, you need to slightly shorten the muscles of the perineum in order to attract energy and warm up the muscles (approximately 20-30 times). You do not need to start exercising and injecting an egg if discomfort is present. The intimate organs are sacred and they must be treated very gently, with great love and respect.

First, you can enter the egg for 1-2 hours, so that your body is accustomed, to walk around with it for a while, only after that begin classes. Starting training, remember that Yoni, in spite of the fact that it is a very strong stone, can fall when hit and hit the floor. Until the muscles become so strong that they can easily hold the egg, you need to carry it only at home and not for long. If you feel dryness when inserting eggs into the vagina, use a lubricant – a special lubricating gel that is used for comfort in intimate intimacy.

First you need to choose the largest egg, because, despite the fact that all women are different, and their physiological structure also differs, it is easier to hold a large egg with muscles without strong tension and fatigue. And after the muscles are trained, and it will be easy to hold a large egg, you can go to training with an average egg, and then with the smallest one. No need to try to do all the exercises for one workout. You need to choose two or three of those that are most comfortable for you and perform them qualitatively and patiently. At the slightest discomfort or pain, exercise should be stopped immediately. And it is worth renewing trainings only when you are convinced that you are doing everything correctly. Do not wait for instant results. The results will appear over time and will be quite noticeable by you and your partner. Be patient!

The duration of the exercises should not exceed 20 minutes (optimally 10-15 minutes, and after you have achieved significant success, you can bring the workout to 20 minutes). Yoni eggs should be inserted into the vagina in the supine position, with your legs slightly bent at the knees.