In-Depth Guide To Latex Clothing for Beginners

The autumn / winter season 2018 is one of the most interesting because it proposes a series of bold, opulent tendencies that we have overlooked over the past few years.We have overcome the “norm core” era and give free rein to imagination, both in the chromatic chapter and in the area of ??the textures we carry. Thus, latex, a material that is hard to put into practice, tends to become trendy and makes you feel.

The Use of the right Feel

If the skin has already become a classic in the winter / winter wardrobe, here is the latex (or lacquered skin, but you will find this texture harder) returns to the seasonal proposals in a more temperate zone than you used to , not at all vulgar, proving that you can wear as long as you choose the right styling. You will have to think about how to put on latex clothing now. You will also need to know How to put on latex clothing, or more specifically Laidtex.


Do you want a casual outfit?

  • He wears a pair of latex trousers with a slight cut on his leg (may be even), along with a pair of sneakers and a thick knitted pullover. A backpack or a bag of borsht will definitely give you a successful and atypical day look, kept in a “safe” area thanks to the smart mix of textures.
  • Do you want to go out and think of a latex outfit? Choose your favorite piece and compose your outfit around her. For a sexy look, choose a latex dress that no longer requires any introduction.
  • A pair of collar-style trousers along with some stunningly high sandals and an oversized jacket is the ingredients of a successful look perfect for an outing city.

Latex skirts are also part of the sexy / stylish arsenal of the moment. Choose mini versions to wear with oversized blouses or midi, molded skirts from the same fabric that you can wear with tight tops.

Here’s how they chose to wear the stars latex clothes and how you can interpret them in your own style


The Latex series is made of latex on the surface of reception. This is different foam than memory foam. The latex is high density and recognized as being natural. Just like our ZX foam, the latex always returns to its original shape, and this, instantly, compared to regular memory foam that takes on average between 15 and 30 seconds. The feeling of latex is similar to that of a spring. Despite the fact that it is not made in Quebec, latex is judiciously chosen by Zed bed in the composition of its mattresses. The Latex Series is designed for people looking for a semi-firm to firm comfort and having the audacity to move from a spring to memory foam.

Recognized for its freshness, latex conforms to the body forms moderately, the Latex series can quickly benefit from its benefits through the relief of your body pressure points. Rather than being made solely of hydrocarbons like the majority of memory foams, latex comes from a tree, the rubber tree, which gives it the advantage of being more natural. In addition, the latex is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. So you can enjoy the freshness of this foam and get the maximum benefits of this natural material to have a good day!


  • Do not dry clean.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth.

Polish the latex using a silicone-based polish. Never use a petroleum product (egg Vaseline) and no oil! These products quickly destroy the strength of your garment. We find on the market cleaning products specially designed for latex. Read labels carefully to make sure they can be used safely for your clothes. Try on a part other than your clothing to test the product. Some people recommend furniture polishes. Warning! Some of these polishes contain oils, which will damage your latex. To avoid. Never polish without using a product; you could damage the glossy finish of the latex.

Storage: Thoroughly clean your latex clothes before storing them. Place them flat, without any weight on top, in a cool, dark place. You can put some powder in order to prevent the pieces from sticking together. They can be stored in dark plastic bags to prevent the powder from dispersing, but make sure the clothes are clean and dry. Avoid folding clothes to avoid wrinkling. If you need to hang the latex, use clothes hangers. Make sure that the hangers are soft, wide and that they will not make marks on your clothes. Do not use metal hangers. Do not use plastic bags with drawings or writings; the ink could stain the latex. Do not store near a source of heat or light.

Before the first use, you can put the latex in (almost) boiling water for a few minutes. Bring the latex to the temperature together with the water and let it cool slowly. Certain quartz varieties can withstand temperature fluctuations and can break. A soap-free, ph. neutral wax emulsion is also excellent and has less effect on the energy of the latex. Wash the latex under the tap after use. If your latex is pierced, you can clean the hole every time after use, by putting water in your mouth and by blowing the hole.

Take the time – Make sure you have the time to calmly and lovingly deal with yourself and your vagina. Never bring the latex in with ‘push’ but let the vagina mouth take the latex by itself.

Inserting – Take all the time before inserting the latex. The best thing is to start massaging your entire body. For this you can very well use the latex, at the same time this is a wonderful way to bring the latex to temperature. Massage the abdomen and then (with the latex) the groin areas, pubic bone, and labia (good for the blood circulation). Let the latex rest around the clitoris and against the vagina mouth. Then you can massage the muscles around the vaginal mouth, by gently turning around with the latex. When you are sufficiently excited, let the latex with the convex side rest against the opening of your vagina and wait until the vagina takes the latex.