“I think reading this blog helped my daughter to explore a lot of issues. With so much information online and sexual content in the media, teenagers are left with a lot to sort out. They need dialogue with wise elders, people who have traveled the paths they will soon travel, and they need peer dialogue, others like them to figure out what is most important in the current moment. This blog has been a safe supportive community that has helped my daughter talk about and sort out sexuality, culture and identity.

I am noticing as a parent, that I have a lot of trust that my daughter will be able to make good decisions for herself after participating in groups. I am able to relax and support her as she stretches into new freedoms that come with being a teen.”



“I’m very thankful to have been in this. I know the intent of the survey is to gauge pain / comfortability in the female and how the couple reacts, but I feel another effect the surveys have had was that it helped myself and [my partner] in our relationship. It’s caused us to be more aware of how we treat one another, how appreciative we are of one another and that we should be more vocal about a lot of things. It’s been an incredible help towards everything.”



“It seemed so much easier to ignore the problem, but working with you and facing the issues and changing how we talk about and approach sex? It changed everything – in our relationship and in my life. Who knew? I feel like our relationship has a whole new future now.”

-B & J


“I was a little nervous about telling my deepest darkest fantasies to a complete stranger. I have had counselors before that I rarely opened up with. Talking through the scariest things I’ve carried with me for most of my life released my shame. You gave my ghosts a voice, and it made me realize that they really don’t have that much power over me anymore. I hope that I can continue to discover who I am and open up to new possibilities and ways of expressing myself and finding my true joy. Thank you!”



“You made talking about sex feel easy and infused our conversations with lots of enthusiasm and permission, all the while ensuring I had ’emotional safety nets’ in place in case things didn’t go as planned. No matter what the issue, your attitude, compassion, and understanding would help open anyone up to more possibilities and a greater sense of freedom and satisfaction in their intimate lives.”

-Rose R.